Quality & Construction


Cabinet construction

We use plywood cabinet bodies due to that it holds screws more securely and resists moisture better than particleboard or MDF. It is resilient against blow-outs, dings, dents, and sagging, making it the best material. Our cabinet “nailers” that support the cabinets are also made of plywood so there’s no concern with heavily loaded wall cabinets.



Well-built drawers are critical, because they get the most use. We use Blum drawers and and rails due to the fact that they’re durable, dependable, and designed to last a lifetime. Blum is the best in the industry because of their sturdy aluminum body, "soft close" feature and the fact that they can support up to 150 Pounds of weight.



No cabinet is complete without the best-in-class hardware. We use premium hardware for everything from door hinges, mechanical lift systems, to organizers for every cabinet imaginable.